Going back into the classroom during a pandemic is not easy. Here are some ideas that will help both you and your students have a smooth transition.

Use flexible seating. Giving students a choice in what seating is most comfortable for them goes a long way in making the classroom environment more inviting.

photo by Alissa Alteri Shea

Have individual storage boxes for work and play materials to help students maintain physical distance.

photo by Alissa Alteri Shea
photo by Alissa Alteri Shea

Use a long rope to show what six feet of distance looks like.

Photo by Alissa Alteri Shea

Get the kids outside. We all need a breath of fresh air during the day.

Photo by Alissa Alteri Shea

Play calming music as children enter the classroom and lively songs or soothing meditations during transitions to keep kids moving, centered, and feeling joyful throughout the day.

Photo by Anna Earl on Unsplash

Use kid friendly language to explain safety protocols. Spread your wings to give each other enough space…Give me a wiggle dance while you wash your hands…Make sure your superhero masks are on tight.

Photo by Simon Fitall on Unsplash

Keep routines that worked well during remote learning. Bring them into the classroom, too. In our class, Twiggles the Turtle talked to us everyday online asking, “How are you feeling?” Now he is with us back at school, like a good friend who has been with us a long time, reminding us we are a community who cares for each other.

photo by Alissa Alteri Shea

Setting the tone for returning to school is not an easy task in the coronavirus world, but with these simple steps you can create a positive space for joy and connection to happen again for students in your classroom, even with their superhero masks on.

Bank Street College graduate, Montessori trained educator, working to bring joy, connection, and learning to our public schools through outdoor education.

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