On The Road With The Adventurers

Photo by Alissa Alteri Shea

This wasn’t my first time in Colorado, and I hope it’s not my last. A family reunion brought us here, and the mountains made me want to stay forever. We stayed in the hip town of Breckenridge, high up in the mountains at 9,600 feet. It took my breath away in more ways than one!

Being in a town that had so many possibilities for outdoor adventure was a lot of fun. Rafting down the Arkansas River and getting lost (literally!) on some hiking trails right outside of town were our favorites.

Photos by Alissa Alteri Shea

There’s something about the vastness of the Colorado mountains that makes me realize, once again, how tiny we are in the midst of a vast world. I’m not sure why that is so comforting to me, but it was- even when we were lost out on the trail and had a few nervous moments wondering if we’d find our way back.

It kind of reminded me of this past school year…when I felt lost in the crazy coronavirus world, not sure if I’d ever find my way out, and found comfort teaching outdoors with the kids.

Being out on these trails gives your mind lots of time and space to wander so you can think your own thoughts and possibly find your own way back home.

There’s so much to look at and discover out there.

“It feels good to be lost in the wrong direction. “ -unknown. Photo by Alissa Alteri Shea

The best part, of course, was spending time with family. That was priceless, especially in a place as beautiful as this.

Photos by Alissa Alteri Shea

I’ve learned it’s really hard for me to say goodbye to places I love, especially when they have my favorite people in them! But it’s time for us to head off on our next adventure on this road trip. The long road ahead is taking us through Colorado and Wyoming on our way to Idaho. I can’t wait to see what we discover there.

Photos by Alissa Alteri Shea

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